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HUJI-FUB DH-Winterschool, 2023

Programme & Schedule

Preliminary Program (will be subject to changes) 

  • Opening Lecture: Birds-Eye View on DH and Workflow (Renana Keydar) 
  • Lecture: Computational & Statistical Thought in the Humanities & Word vectors and Embedding in DH (Barak Sober)
  • Workshop: Text Analysis with AntConc (Dennis Mischke)
  • Workshop:  Stylometry (Daniil Sorokin)
  • Workshop: Network Analysis with Gephi (Mareike Schumacher)
  • Workshop: HTR with Transkribus (Noam Maeir)
  • Workshop: automation of processes and data reuse with code (Eliese-Sophia Lincke)
  • Workshop: Data Modelling with Open Refine (Yael Netzer)
  • Workshop: Data Modelling with TEI (Daniil Sorokin)
  • Workshop: GIS (Or Rappek-Kroyzer) 
  • Workshop: Textannotation with CATMA (Mareike Schumacher & Itay Marienburg)