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Vernetzungstreffen Textuelle Daten explorieren und analysieren

Feb 16, 2023 | 10:00 AM s.t. - 01:00 PM


Dr. Brigitte Grote (UB | CeDiS)

Dr. Dennis Mischke (UB | ADA)

Target group

Members of Freie Universität


Participation in one of the workshops of the series "Analyzing, Exploring, and Visualizing Textual Data" is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for participation.

In the past three semesters, we have dealt with the (machine) analysis and visualization of textual data in numerous workshops. Topics have included text indexing with XML/TEI, methods such as topic modeling and network analysis and relevant tools, text analysis with corpus linguistic methods, with R or with Python libraries, flanked by introductions to XML, R and Python, and applications for publishing the textual data, including in the context of digital editions.

With these networking meetings, we would like to give the numerous participants of the workshops the opportunity to get in touch with each other across topics and event boundaries, to exchange ideas and explore possible collaborations, and possibly establish a platform for future exchanges in order to continue talking and learning from each other. For the meeting, topic-related discussion rounds and open formats are planned. We would also like to explore together what kind of support (advice, research infrastructure) researchers need at the FU.

The event is part of the continuing education series "D4T4 LiT3R4CY".


Introduction: Overview of topics and results of the workshop series
Topic- and subject-specific discussion rounds on digital methods and tools
What next? Forms of future exchange & topics of future workshops
Learning objectives

Participants will

get to know people working with similar methods and tools and
learn about research projects in the context of textual data
Know support services

Time & Location

Feb 16, 2023 | 10:00 AM s.t. - 01:00 PM

Garystraße 39 Coworking Space der UB, neben dem Lesesaal im 2. OG