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The digital transformation of the humanities is far more than a short-lived trend. Innovations brought about by universal access to knowledge, networked and increasingly digitised archives, revolutions in artificial intelligence as well as new technologies for processing and storing ever-growing amounts of data is profoundly affecting the way research is done in the humanities. In fact, the presence of digital tools and infrastructures alters and expands broad swaths of research within the humanities, even in areas where research methods and practices are not deliberately conducted in under the banner of 'DH'. The digital transformation of the humanities (and the sciences) is fundamental and far-reaching in such a way that scholarship across the University campus must reflect, discuss, and critically shape the epistemological, methodological, and technological innovations that the digital enables. This is where ADA comes in. You can learn more about our mission, tasks, and structures on the following pages. Let us shape the digital transformation of the humanities together: critically and actively!