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  1. Connecting and coordinating existing research projects in the field of Digital Humanities (DH), both individually and in alliance, with the aim of generating new impulses for the academic advancement of DH at Freie Universität Berlin.
  2. Establishing, curating and disseminating a DH specific basis of knowledge as well as a methodological backbone. 
  3. Conception and coordination of topic- and method-related groups and labs (see ADA Labs).
  4. Additional content support in applying for external funding with regard to the concept and description of DH components, providing pre-established text elements in close coordination with the "Team Digital Humanities" of the University Library. 
  5. Consultations on the development of a digital methodology for teaching in humanities, both in the sense of "digital enlightenment" to gain necessary distinctive skills as well as digital teaching methods in the context of for the respective areas of the application (i.e., Digital and Data Literacies); specialist input in further developing the training offered by the University Library.
  6. Advice regarding cooperation management with related areas in the field of university didactics, e-learning (University Library) and digitisation in teacher education (Dahlem School of Education) and university didactics (Dahlem Center for Academic Teaching)
  7. Serving as an internal DH-specific partner for international cooperation and strategic partnerships (calls for proposals, docking point for projects and fellows).
  8. External communication and representation with regard to DH-related topics and requests at Freie Universität Berlin, acting as a point of contact for inquiries.