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The »Ada Lovelace Center for Digital Humanities« (ADA) at Freie Universität gathers, connects and promotes all activities in the digital humanities. It is supported by the departments of History and Cultural Studies, Philosophy and the Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science as well as the University Library. ADA serves as a competence centre and backbone for interdisciplinary research which necessitate IT-supported procedures, methods and tools. It pursues the long-term goal of enhancing and coordinating the transfer of project-based personal expertise into a sustainable, interdisciplinary knowledge management. 

ADA promotes and supports the scholarly reflected infrastructural integration of research questions from the humanities, information technology procedures and mathematical modeling. In conjunction with and complementary to the Dahlem Humanities Center, it functions as a humanities hub at Freie Universität Berlin and within the Berlin University Alliance, as well as regionally and internationally.
In memory of our namesake Ada Lovelace, we seek to build interdisciplinary bridges between the natural sciences and engineering on the one hand and the scholarly traditions of the humanities and cultural studies on the other.

Das ADA versteht sich als ein Baustein in der umfassenden Digitalisierungsstrategie der Freien Universität Berlin und unterstützt die reflektierte und infrastrukturell gestützte Integration geisteswissenschaftlicher Fragestellungen, informationstechnischer Verfahren und mathematischer Modellierungen. In Verbindung mit und komplementär zum Dahlem Humanities Center fungiert es als geisteswissenschaftlicher Hub an der Freien Universität Berlin und innerhalb der Berlin University Alliance sowie regional und international.