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Ada-Humboldt-Hack Layering Datasets from the "Viral Texts Project" onto Existing Collections

08.07.2024 - 09.07.2024



Many Digital Humanities projects, including Viral Texts, produce large datasets derived from existing collections, such as the digitized newspapers in the Library of Congress, Internet Archive, and Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. It is not scalable to reingest this derived data into those collections. Many cultural heritage institutions, however, have converged on the International Image Interoperability Framework (https://iiif.io/) for providing access to digitized books, images, and other data. IIIF provides facilities to overlay annotations, transcriptions, and other data on top of the original images, audio, and video or to reassemble documents out of fragments in mutliple locations. We propose to build tools to help researchers discover, browse, and search derived data related to IIIF library collections. By creating a tool that overlays research data atop its source collection website, we aim to model how digital humanists might make research data more readily available to scholars, students, and members of the public without the technical expertise required to find and make use of data repositories, free-standing databases, and similar solutions which currently dominate the digital humanities field.

Zeit & Ort

08.07.2024 - 09.07.2024


Freie Universität Berlin,
Villa Engler
Altensteinstraße 2
14195 Berlin